Joseph Whitehead

Deck the Hauls

Deck the hauls Deck the hauls


Deck the Hauls is a game that was made over 48 Hours for the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam. The game was made with Andrew Nattress(@NattressGFX), who is a friend I attend University with. We both wore several hats in the project, spending several hours working on all elements of the game, including Art, sound design and level design. My main focus however, was the programming, primarily that of the NPCs and many of the gameplay mechanics. Whilst the game is simple, it allowed for a fun weekend project with a friend, and game me my first experience working on a project with a partner. We hope to continue working together on more Game Jams going forward, and hope to see a noticeable increase in our skills and efficiency in future jams.

Play here.

Read the projects post-mortem here.