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Undead Valley (WIP)

Undead Valley Undead Valley

Undead Valley Undead Valley


Undead Valley is my most recent project. It is a Zombie survival game made in Unity 3D using C#. The game has a unique orthographic perspective and a voxel art style. The game is currently very early in its development cycle and lacks many features planned for the final release, including large amounts of loot, player base building and more, however the length of the list of planned mechanics is decreasing fast as I add more into the game. It is also quite unbalanced, and the small amount of items in the game now make the looting system very limited, however this will change as more items get added. The current state of the game is very basic, and serves as a playtest for the basic mechanics and functionality of the game. Right now you can scavenge buildings (some aren't enter-able yet eg. church), kill zombies and explore the first small town in the game, however, updates will be frequent and hopefully soon the game will have all of the features I have planned for it. This project has also served as an experiment into livestreaming my development, which has allowed me to become both more productive and motivated to work on the project. Whilst the scale of the project is a large undertaking for a solo developer, is is allowing me to improve my skills and is teaching me a lot about the development process of larger projects.

The  early playtest is available here.